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This is a very relative concept and depends primarily on the risk you are taking in a deal. There are conservative traders who risk less than 1% of their capital in each deal, but there are those who risk half their capital. This is the reason why it is difficult to determine what is the maximum drawdowns?

Yes absolutely. All that is required is less than 5 minutes for the basic software to be installed on your trading platform. Even if you have not used Meta Trader 4 forex software before; you can still benefit from it as we have technical assistance.However, it is advisable if you have never traded on the FOREX market to undergo accelerated basic training. The idea of this training is to understand how the market works, how to place deals on the market, how to deal with the platform, the fundamentals of money management. The goal is to get the skills and knowledge you need as quickly as possible.

You don’t need any past experience in the industry.You only have to follow step by step our guidance.Foreign currency exchange is simple and easy to understand. Our goal is to offer a top quality investment website for all types and levels of traders among our trading community.In any case, it is recommended to learn at least the basics of Forex trading in order to achieve better results.

You can pay for our services from our website via PayPal and credit or debit card. Also you can make a payment with Skrill and Neteller on account name: dayfinanceltd@gmail.com

Previous performances showed that you can expect at least 400-600 pips per month. These results apply to each type of our signals. Therefore, if you use the two types of signals we offer you can expect 800-1200 pips per month. Of course, that varies but we will do our best to provide a great service to you as a client.

There is no limit. There is enough for everyone to make a fortune, but remember the market can go against you as well. You can lose your money in just a few minutes if you are hasty and don’t take steps to reduce risks.

As you can trade micro lots, you can start with as less as 200 USD. However, your deposit is up to you and you can choose it depending on your financial situation.Кееp In mind if you want to maximize the returns and profits, you need to make a significant financial investment as it can turn to be crucial. DO NOT INVEST MONEY YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE!

If you’re interested in FOREX and don’t have the time to become a full-time trader, Day Finance Ltd. offers high-quality trading signals from the currency market along with daily analysis and Forex webinars. All that’s left for you to do is to follow our experts’ strategies and place your own trades accordingly.

It takes only 3 short and simple steps to start trading Forex:Choose your online brokerTo start trading FOREX, you need to use an investment intermediary, аlso called brokers. Market brokers allow you to trade much more money than you have, because of the effect of financial leverage. Over the years, we have worked with many brokers and we have found the most reliable.Open your trading account by filling up your detailsDeposit your initial capitalIt’s so simple

We are neither a broker nor a trading platform, but a group of traders just like you. Trading is our business.Our site is tailored for both beginners and traders with many years of experience on the market.If you have experience and an account you can use our alerts and increase your profits.

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