The benefits of our signals

  • Using our trading signals gives huge benefits for everyone who is interested at Forex matter.
  • Our signals can be successfully used as well as beginners and experienced traders or used by people with a lot of free time for trading and for people who are quiet busy.
  • Our signals are both easy and simplified method but on the other hand enough effective for everyone willing to make a profit especially when follows professional traders who know what they are doing.

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We advise you:

  • Before you open a new position, make a plan to enter and exit the market. Stick strictly to your plan, and do not succumb to emotions when they suggest you change it on the move.
  • Never open positions with all your free funds. Use no more than 20-25% of them for all your open positions and no more than 5% for each individual deal. Otherwise, in the case of sudden market movements, the risk to you is extremely high.
  • Never add to a losing position.
  • Use Stop orders to limit possible loss on all open positions.
  • Try to gain from the trend instead of trying to catch the top and bottom of the movement.
  • Be with the market, not against it. The market is always right!
  • Successful speculators usually BUY in bad news and SELL with good news.
  • Do not try to close any profit position. The end result is important.
  • Watch the whole picture. Even if you trade in short periods, always keep track of the long-term trend.
  • Become a habit of reviewing your transactions. This way, you will be able to keep track of both your profits and your losses and to find any mistakes made by you.

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