Current level – 1.1227

During the last session, the pair overcame the support at 1.1287, while after the Fed meeting it tested the key area at around 1.1235. In the early hours of today, the area is breached and a daily closing below this level would open the possibility for deeper declines towards 1.1000. The support at 1.1235 is the foundation of a range that lasted for about two months, which implies a large volume of positions and a correspondingly strong movement upon leaving the area. A potential support for the bulls may be the area at around 1.1180, but the expectations for an interest rate hike in the U.S. are in favour of the bears. The forecasts for new declines remain and the reaction of prices around the zone at 1.1235 will be key for the development of the next directional movement. Today, an increase in activity can be expected around the announcement of the GDP data for the United States at 13:30 GMT.


Current level –  114.54

The dollar rose in the past session and the pair managed to break the structure formed at around 114.00. The bulls seem to be trying to reverse the trend as the market is currently in a complex pullback. It is possible that the resistance at 114.68 will also be beached. The next zones at 115.00 and 115.63 are controlled by the bears and both levels have been tested and confirmed. With a breach of 114.68, prices could form a small range above 115.00, the exiting of which would decide the next impulse movement for the pair. If the bears prevail, then a breach of 113.48 is possible. Alternatively, if the bulls end up dominating the market, then new highs above 116.16 can be expected.


Current level – 1.3440

The retracement of the Cable was limited by the resistance at 1.3520 and at the end of yesterday’s session, a wave of sell-offs took prices towards a test of the support at 1.1344. The expectations are that the zone will be breached following several attempted tests and that the declines may deepen towards the support at 1.3370. Any attack by the bulls should be limited to the level of 1.3520 or of 1.3570.

Gold price under the negative pressure

Gold price broke 1825.15 level strongly and ended yesterday below it, which stops the recently suggested positive scenario and lead the price to turn to decline, on its way to test 1797.00 level initially, noting that breaking this level will push the price to 1770.00 as a next negative station.

Therefore, the bearish bias will be suggested in the upcoming sessions unless breaching 1825.15 and holding above it again.

The expected trading range for today is between 1797.00 support and 1825.00 resistance.

The expected trend for today: Bearish

Source: Technical analysis

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