Dollar maintains its advance on the session

The dollar is higher once again going into North American trading

The greenback is trading to fresh highs against the yen, pound, loonie, aussie and kiwi as we start to gear towards the US session later today.
USD/JPY is now up to a high of 106.47 while GBP/USD has slumped to a low of 1.3254 and testing its 200-hour moving average in the process:

That may put further pressure on the pair if sellers can go in search of a break lower to establish a more bearish near-term bias, similar to what we are seeing with EUR/USD.
USD/CAD is also creeping above yesterday’s high to 1.3100 currently and is closing in on a test of its own 200-hour moving average @ 1.3115.
Elsewhere, equities are painting a more mixed picture on the session with European indices posting solid gains on the back of a weaker euro mostly while US futures are pointing to some downside another record showing yesterday.
S&P 500 futures are down by 0.4% but tech is leading losses with Nasdaq futures down by 1% as the good September start sees a bit of a pause with some anticipation building ahead of tomorrow’s US non-farm payrolls report.

Source: Technical analysis

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