Expiring FX options, today, 17.10.2019

 1.0950 516m EUR
 1.0970 582m
 1.1000 718m
 1.1050 580m
 1.1090 717m
 1.1092 681m

 107.50 710m USD
 107.80 361m
 107.95 610m
 108.00 2.6bn
 108.20 1.0bn
 108.30 660m
 109.80 700m
 110.00 430m

 1.2700 307m GBp
 1.2800 332m
 0.6775 1.3bn AUD
 0.6800 1.6bn
 0.6815 1.1bn
 0.6845 861m

 1.3250 1.1bn USD

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