GBP/USD reached key resistance, but if there is Brexit agreement we expect cross to reach 1.30-1.32

Sterling rose sharply against the dollar Tuesday after optimistic comments on Brexit from European negotiator Michel Barnier were backed up by reports that a draft legal text over the divorce was being drawn up. “Our team(s) are working hard, and work has just started now today, this work has been intense over the weekend and yesterday, because even if the agreement will be difficult, more and more difficult, to be frank, it is still possible this week,” Barnier told reporters in Luxembourg on Tuesday morning. If that happens, we expect the GBP/USD price to reach 1.30-1.32 The currency rose above its 200-day moving average for the first time since May, reaching a four-month high, but also reached an extremely strong resistance zone diagonally and horizontally, so correction is possible.

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